Accessories and Supplies

  • Keeps all the essential supplies in one convenient box. Excellent work surface for brushes, palette knifes, solvent cans, ... all within easy reach. Easy attachment by just setting on the tripod/easel legs.
  • The final touch to your Plein Air setup. Designed to carry an entire Pochade Box setup, including a tripod. Zippered side pocket. Mesh pouch for water bottle. Front zippered pocket for supplies. Tripod carrier straps. Thickly padded back. Waist strap for comfortable hiking. Carry handle. Hang strap for hanging under tripod while painting.
  • Traveling Adapter. Acrylic. Separates into two 14-3/4" sections for traveling. Holds Paintings to 24-1/2" vertical.
  • The most stable and feature-rich tripod available from SunEden Artists Gear, the Standard en Plein Air Painting.


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